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I have been attracted to photography from the age of 12. In those days there was no digital photography, so i was fortunate enough to learn how to work with magical black and white film, from taking pictures to dark room development. 
A few years later, in 1993, i immigrated to the united kingdom, making my home in london. Thats where my interest slowly swayed to digital video and in 1999 i started working in the media industry, primarily as a freelance Cameraman and gradually more and more as DOP (Director of Photography), producer, director and editor. 
My professional work experience includes filming in Ghana, Vietnam, China, Mexico, Oman, USA, Kazakhstan, Thailand, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, India, Seychelles, Singapore and across Europe and Russia. Whether still or motion photography, for me it is not just my greatest passion but also the expression of many years of professional experience, that I will always be delighted to share with you. 
All work that is presented on this site is solely directed, filmed and edited by myself.
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